Born 1994, yereven, armenia
lives / works: los angeles, ca

Ruben’s work is known for his stylized approach to both still life and figurative painting, by incorporating his own subjective personal history through memory, photographs, and love stories, that are not always his own, but those that have been told, passed on, or inferred. He carefully uses colors with a lot of research and experimentation to create contrast and harmony. Rather than simply representing what has been seen, he renders that which is left unsaid or that is unable to be articulated. Ruben invites you to experience a sense of nostalgia, mystery, and intimacy with his paintings.

Ruben established his studio in the autumn of 2015 and since then has continuously split his time working on a broad range of projects across multiple disciplines.

His previous clients include:

Beyoncé Knowles
Jenna Lyons
Joe and Jill Biden
King & Tuckfield
Kris Jenner
Marc Jacobs
Martyn Lawrence

Over the last ten years, he established a reputation as one of the world’s leading illustrators. Classically elegant, yet highly contemporary images have been a key factor in his revival of interest in the tradition of fashion illustration.

In 2021 he was commissioned by Fern Mallis, creator of NYFW to illustrate more than fifty portraits of Fashion Icons for her “Fashion Lives with Fern Mallis” book series published by Rizzoli.

Ruben is currently working on new a new series of oil paintings and commission projects in Europe and the United States.

He works from his studio, which is located in West Hollywood, CA.

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